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Microsoft introduces the NEW MCSE 2012 range of training courses.MCSE 2012/3 certification for the new lines of software that is currently being used in the work place such as SQL 2012, Windows Server 2012, Cloud Server, SharePoint & Exchange Server 2013.MCSE 2012 Server Administration contains 5 papers which includes, Installing and configuring windows server 2012, Administrating windows server 2012, Configuring advanced windows server 2012, Designing and implementing server infrastructure & Implementing an advanced server infrastructure. After completion of this course he/she can work as Windows System Administrator.

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MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) Server Infrastructure

Installing and Configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2012 (70-410)

Install and configure Windows Server 2012.

• Describe Active Directory Domain Services and install a domain controller.
• Create and configure user, group, and computer objects.
• Use Windows PowerShell and other command‐line tools to create and configure AD DS objects.
• Configure IPv4 for simple scenarios.
• Install and configure a DHCP server.
• Install and configure DNS service.
• Configure IPv6 for simple scenarios.
• Configure local storage on a server.
• Create and secure files shares and shared printers.
• Create and manage Group Policy objects.
• Secure Windows Servers by Using Group Policy Objects.
• Implement Server Virtualization with Hyper‐V.

Administering Windows Server 2012 (70-411)

• Implementing a Group Policy Infrastructure
• Managing User Desktops with Group Policy
• Managing User and Service Accounts
• Maintaining Active Directory Domain Services
• Configuring and Troubleshooting DNS
• Configuring and Troubleshooting Remote Access
• Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting the Network Policy Server role
• Implementing Network Access Protection? Optimizing File Services
• Configuring Encryption and Advanced Auditing
• Monitoring Windows Server 2012
• Deploying and Maintaining Server Images
• Implementing Update Management

Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (70‐412)

• Implementing Advanced Network Services
• Implementing Advanced File Services
• Implementing Dynamic Access Control
• Implementing Network Load Balancing
• Implementing Failover Clustering
• Implementing Failover Clustering with Hyper‐V
• Implementing Disaster Recovery
• Implementing Distributed AD DS Deployments
• Implementing AD DS Sites and Replication?
• Implementing AD CS
• Implementing AD RMS
• Implementing AD FS

Designing and implementing a server infrastructure (70-413)

• Design an automated server installation strategy
• Plan and implement a server deployment infrastructure
• Plan and implement server upgrade and migration
• Plan and deploy Virtual Machine Manager services
• Plan and implement file and storage services
• Design and maintain a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) solution
• Design a name resolution solution strategy
• Design and manage an IP address management solution
• Design a VPN solution
• Design a forest and domain infrastructure
• Design a Group Policy strategy
• Design an Active Directory permission model
• Design an Active Directory sites topology
• Design a domain controller strategy

Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure (70-414)

• Plan and implement failover clustering
• Plan and implement highly available network services
• Plan and implement highly available storage solution
• Plan and implement highly available server roles
• Plan and implement a business continuity and disaster recovery solution
• Plan and implement virtualization hosts
• Plan and implement virtualization guests
• Plan and implement virtualization networking
• Plan and implement virtualization storage
• Plan and implement virtual guest movement