Social Rajneeti

Social Rajneeti offers innovative digital marketing solutions for the online reputation management and promotional needs of politicians.

Why opt for Social Rajneeti?

Consider the General Elections of 2014.

Many politicians who had hired a team of professionals to manage their online and social presence have bagged up seats with huge margin and received good response from the constituency as well.

For Example, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has become the youth icon and idol for overall development of India. People have admired his work in State of Gujrat a lot. Mr Narendra Modi has huge fan followers on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social networking portals.

One of our team member has also experienced and got amazed by knowing the way Mr. Narendra Modi works. It is an incident of a conference where Mr. Modi was invited as a speaker and after conference he was about to leave back to Gujrat and was in hurry to catch his flight. A businessman approached him and explained his problem that he is not able to start his plant in Gujrat for some reason. Mr. Modi called concerned Minister of State and District Commissioner to ask their views regarding the issue. Since there was no issue he himself gave written approval to the businessman and asked him to start his plant next day. Then only he left the venue.

Mr. Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejariwal are the example of success of Social Rajneeti. In the case of these two great leaders Social Rajneeti has played a vital role.