LightMeUp – Flashlight Application for Android

It is a small application which uses the Camera Flash to enlighten and which may also help you in searching something in dark. The best part is it works in a single click on your Android phone with or without flash. If your phone does not have flash, it will set brightness of your phone to maximum, as soon as you close application it will set brightness back to original. This application is free to download and use, you will not need to pay a single penny for it. It is very simple to use since there is no button, no extra screen, and nothing else; simply open application and you will get the brightest light, we think it is the sleekest application in the market.

Get it on Google Play

Go, download for free from Google Play Store and get enlightened, search anything in dark, never miss anything in dark, it will give you brightest light ever.

This application was developed as a part of Android Training we provide at AnCyber, Pune (India). We provide corporate Android Training which is completely practical based and industry oriented. Our Android Trainers have huge industry experience and have bag full of certifications and they have trained approx. 5000 students till now and the number is increasing day by day. We also conduct Workshop or Hands on Labs and Seminar at Colleges and Educations Institutions. We support many training companies too for training and provide complete training support to them.